Bad diesel fuel can have profound and costly effects on diesel engines

Fleet Fuel tests are simple, on-the-spot fuel tests for verifying the quality of diesel fuel.
Our tests are quick and easy to use. Fleet Fuel tests are the most cost-effective way to check for:

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  • Fleet's tests give my customers peace of mind and have literally saved us thousands of dollars that we would have spent on bad fuel!

    John V, Fuel distributor

  • We use these to test diesel deliveries in places that are too remote for lab testing. Testing protects our extremely expensive, mission-critical generators from damage due to contaminated fuel. Thanks, Fleet!

    Steven G., Field Engineer

  • Fleet tests are the easiest way to check up on our fuel storage tanks. Now we can identify fuel problems without shipping fuel to a lab!

    Andy W., Fleet manager

  • Fuel quality is a big problem in Iraq. One bad tank of diesel can take down an emergency vehicle and it may take months to fix it. Since we've been using Fleet tests, we have seen much fewer issues related to bad fuel.

    Karwan, Managing Director