Generator Fuel Test Pack (FT-EQX-SET)



For mission-critical diesel generators, periodic fuel storage tank testing, or on-the-spot screening of fuel deliveries, this combo test gives you fuel quality assurance for critical ASTM fuel characteristics: visual clarity, entrained water, anaerobic and yeast/mold contamination, and acid number. Recommended for  emergency power generators, tactical or emergency vehicles, or fleets operating in remote areas or extreme weather conditions.

These combo packs contain three Fleet Fuel tests:

  • FT-0100 Water & Visual Clarity Test
  • FT-0110 Microbial Contamination Test
  • FT-0120 Degraded Fuel Test

They are sold in 6-packs, 12-packs, and 25-packs. One set of printed instructions is included per order, but additional test instructions may be downloaded from our website.


Part Number Water/Viz Tests Microbial Tests Degradation Tests

6 6 6

12 12 12

25 25 25


May be used as a fuel screening test for fuel deliveries, fuel storage tanks, and emergency generator maintenance. This test is also used as part of standard vehicle maintenance to indicate whether fuel meets basic ASTM specs for entrained water, microbial contamination, and acid number.

Approximate time to perform test: One minute for test procedure.  Results in 5 minutes (FT-0100 and FT-0120)48 hours for the FT-0110 Microbial Contamination test.