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Water & Visual Clarity Test (FT-0100)

The Water and Visual Clarity test (FT-0100) is a simple, two-part test for visual clarity and detecting the presence of entrained water in diesel fuel. This test is by far our most popular item, shipping to all parts of the world. Entrained water is the most destructive contaminant commonly found in diesel fuels and our tests provide a Pass/Fail result in just few minutes. The Water/Viz fuel test is small and durable; you can use it in the maintenance shop as a…

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Microbial Contamination Test (FT-0110)

The Microbial Contamination test (FT-0110) detects the level of microbial contamination, which is one of the three key indicators of fuel quality for diesel and biodiesel fuels. This test screens for both fungal and bacterial contamination, which can cause filter plugging and fuel degradation if left undetected or untreated.  This test is the only Fleet test that does not yield immediate results - the microbial growth requires time to effectively measure the contamination…

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Degraded Diesel Fuel Test (FT-0120)

The Degraded Fuel test (FT-0120) detects degraded diesel fuel by indicating high levels of acidity due to oxidation or microbial activity. Acidity is one of the three key indicators of diesel fuel quality. The Degraded Diesel test is a simple way to screen diesel fuels for high (out of spec) Acid Number. Long term use of degraded diesel can cause serious and expensive damage to vehicle engines and generators, including pitting of the fuel injectors and erosion of…

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