Water & Visual Clarity Test (FT-0100)



The Water and Visual Clarity test (FT-0100) is a simple, two-part test for visual clarity and detecting the presence of entrained water in diesel fuel. This test is by far our most popular item, shipping to all parts of the world. Entrained water is the most destructive contaminant commonly found in diesel fuels and our tests provide a Pass/Fail result in just few minutes. The Water/Viz fuel test is small and durable; you can use it in the maintenance shop as a diagnostic, or to test fuel from a tanker in the hills of Kurdistan.  This test is widely used to test locally sourced fuel in remote locations - particularly for mobile and fixed power generation applications.

This test should be used as an initial screening test for fuel deliveries and for monitoring of fuel quality at the point of supply or distribution. Test fuel deliveries before accepting them and test fuel immediately before putting it into mission critical vehicles or generators.  It can also be used as a routine vehicle/generator maintenance diagnostic to detect entrained water (a major cause of blown injector tips). Works for diesel, biodiesel, jet fuels, offroad (dyed) diesel, and biodiesel blends.

Approximate time to perform test(s)  Two minutes. Results in 5 minutes.