Degraded Diesel Fuel Test (FT-0120)



The Degraded Fuel test (FT-0120) detects degraded diesel fuel by indicating high levels of acidity due to oxidation or microbial activity. Acidity is one of the three key indicators of diesel fuel quality. The Degraded Diesel test is a simple way to screen diesel fuels for high (out of spec) Acid Number. Long term use of degraded diesel can cause serious and expensive damage to vehicle engines and generators, including pitting of the fuel injectors and erosion of other parts of the fuel system.

This test should be used to test fuel deliveries and for periodic monitoring of fuel quality at the dispenser and storage tanks. It can also be used in vehicle / generator maintenance and to detect degraded fuel in seasonal use vehicles.

Works for all diesel fuels, including Diesel #1 and #2, jet fuel, and biodiesel blends. The thresholds are based on 0.3mgKOH/g fuel (blends).

Approximate time to perform test(s) One minute. Results in under 5 minutes.