Microbial Contamination Test (FT-0110)



The Microbial Contamination test (FT-0110) detects the level of microbial contamination, which is one of the three key indicators of fuel quality for diesel and biodiesel fuels. This test screens for both fungal and bacterial contamination, which can cause filter plugging and fuel degradation if left undetected or untreated. This is a durable test that is designed to survive shipping and to retain a long shelf life.

This test is the only Fleet test that does not yield immediate results - the microbial growth requires time to effectively measure the contamination level. The Microbial test is extremely durable and can be performed in just about any environment.

This test may be used to test fuel from the dispenser, from the vehicle tank, or from the main fuel storage tanks. Test should be used to test diesel and biodiesel storage tanks on a one- to three-month basis. This test may also be used as a vehicle diagnostic if a fuel sample fails the Water and Visual Clarity test.

Approximate time to perform test(s) Two minutes. Results in 48 hours.