Who can benefit from diesel fuel testing?

Diesel Fleet Managers

Fleet managers are charged with keeping vehicles on the road and lowering the costs of vehicle maintenance. Diesel fuel quality is extremely important in achieving these goals. Water and other fuel contaminants can cause engine damage and put vehicles in the shop for expensive repairs. One of the best ways to prevent fuel-related engine problems is to implement a Fuel Quality Assurance program.

Fleet Fuel tests are the most economical way to implement a fuel quality assurance program. Our tests are easy to use and cover the three critical fuel quality characteristics identified by the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA). Identifying fuel quality issues early can help managers save thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs and can reduce rack time by helping to diagnose problems related to a vehicle's fuel.

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Power Generation  & Power Plant Operators  Engine gereator

Mobile and fixed power generation is the lifeblood of many developing countries and is often located in remote locations. Plant operators have to rely on locally-provided fuel of questionable quality. Typical issues include fuel contamination due to augmentation of good diesel fuel with water, oils, or highly degraded fuel. These contaminants, once they enter the generator fuel supply, can be extremely destructive to the generation equipment and are notoriously difficult to remove.

Some plant operators have instituted fuel screening of the fuel tanker trucks before the deliveries are accepted. They refuse delivery of bad fuel and retain samples documenting the supplier's truck and compartment IDs along with the date of delivery.

Operators often find that merely by establishing a test program, the quality of supplied fuel goes up.

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Water & Power Departments, Telecom Service Providers

Emergency pumping stations and telecommunications services rely upon emergency power generators to function during utility outages.  Fuel that sits in the tank for a long time is often more susceptible to degradation and microbial contamination that can be detected by periodic testing with our fuel tests.
Use Fleet tests to:

  • Verify the fuel quality currently stored in emergency pumping stations and generators.
  • Periodically test generator tanks for microbial growth and fuel degradation
  • Screen new diesel fuel for the presence of contaminants that may be detrimental to generator operation.
  • Lower the cost of generator maintenance by preventing bad fuel-related repairs, such as replacing blown fuel injectors.

Offroad / Special Purpose and Construction Fleet Operators

Off-road construction fleets can be expensive to maintain and cost even more when they are idle waiting for repairs. Simple on-site testing can identify bad fuel that can cause rough idling and damage to fuel injection systems. Fleet Fuel tests work with all types of diesel, including red-dyed and yellow-dyed fuels.

Military and Emergency Vehicle Operators

Tactical and emergency vehicles involved in critical operations must be highly available and may not be easily maintained in the field. Often they must be refueled with "fuel on hand" which can lead to disaster if not screened beforehand. On-the-spot fuel testing is a simple way to avoid bad fuel before it gets into these mission-critical fuel systems.