Why Diesel Fleet Managers test diesel fuel

Fleet managers are charged with keeping vehicles on the road and lowering the costs of vehicle maintenance. Diesel fuel quality is extremely important in achieving these goals. Water and other fuel contaminants can cause engine damage and put vehicles in the shop for expensive repairs. One of the best ways to prevent fuel-related engine problems is to implement a Fuel Quality Assurance program.

Fleet Fuel tests are the most economical way to implement a fuel quality assurance program. Our tests are easy to use and cover the three critical fuel quality characteristics identified by the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA). Identifying fuel quality issues early can help managers save thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs and can reduce rack time by helping to diagnose problems related to a vehicle's fuel.

Use Fleet diesel fuel tests to:

  • Screen daily fuel deliveries for quality
  • Spot check fuel at the dispenser
  • Diagnose fuel-related issues
  • Periodically test fuel storage tanks for microbial growth and fuel degradation

Diesel fuel tests can also be used as routine (preventative) vehicle maintenance - especially for seasonal use vehicles. Fuel degradation and water build up that occurs over time can ultimately shorten the lifespan of your engine components.

See the list of recommended fuel tests for ideas on how a fuel quality testing program can be implemented.