Diesel fuel testing for datacenter operators

Mobile and fixed power generation is the lifeblood of many developing countries and is often
located in Mobile generator setremote locations. Plant operators have to rely on locally-provided fuel of questionable quality. Typical issues include fuel contamination due to augmentation of good diesel fuel with water, oils, or highly degraded fuel. These contaminants, once they enter the generator fuel supply, can be extremely destructive to the generation gear and are notoriously difficult to remove.

Some plant operators have instituted fuel screening of the fuel tanker trucks before the deliveries are accepted. They refuse delivery of bad fuel and retain samples documenting the supplier's truck and compartment IDs along with the date of delivery.

Operators often find that merely by establishing a test program, the quality of supplied fuel goes up.

Use Fleet tests to:

  • Screen fuel deliveries for quality - before accepting delivery.
  • Periodically test storage tanks for microbial growth and fuel degradation
  • Lower the cost of analytical lab testing by identifying bad fuel that should be tested, eliminating unnecessary testing on good fuel

 Fleet Fuel Testing can customize your test kit labels to meet your documentation requirements.