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Contact Fleet Fuel Testing to become a distributor or partner, and provide the world's only simple on-the-spot testing that tests for key indicators of diesel fuel quality.


Fleet Fuel Testing has wholesale and distribution opportunites for domestic and global territories. For diesel service shops, fuel distributors, and parts suppliers, Fleet tests can add value to your service line with minimal expense and commitment.

Benefits include:

  • Wholesale pricing
  • Customized packaging
  • Exclusive territories

We also offer volume discounts, Government rates, and private labeling / test instructions for specific application requirements.

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Fleet Fuel Testing
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About Fleet Fuel Testing

Fleet Biodiesel (aka Fleet Fuel Testing) was founded in 2005 to address the growing need for biodiesel quality management. We changed our name to Fleet Fuel Testing in 2009 to reflect our focus on diesel fuel quality management.


Our Mission

Bad diesel fuel can have profound and costly effects on a diesel engine, whether it is part of a vehicle or an electrical generation plant. Entrained water in diesel fuel can cause immediate catastrophic issues such as blown fuel injectors. High acid number - a sign of diesel fuel degradation - can cause long-term damage to a fuel system if used repeatedly. Microbial contamination can cause persistent filter plugging that drives up maintenance costs. Even incorrect blending – mixing the wrong ratio of diesel and biodiesel into a blended fuel – may cause unexpected filter clogging that can bring a vehicle fleet to a standstill.

Fuel issues are even more widespread in areas with weak or non-existent fuel distribution infrastructure. Remote locations often rely on local tanker truck supply where fuel quality is questionable and repairs can be expensive or impossible.

The primary existing method for testing fuels is to package up a sample and send it to the lab. This presents some challenges in packaging and transporting the fuel to a lab. Results can take days or even weeks – too long for most mechanics or fleet operators to wait. The lab tests are generally accurate, but are also expensive.

Fleet's tests are intended to be used as screening tests to indicate when fuel quality is so questionable that it requires lab testing. The results are available in minutes, not days or weeks. The tests do not provide numerical results (just pass/fail), but they are very cost-effective, durable, and easy to use.

In addition to over 60 foreign countries, Fleet Fuel tests are being shipped throughout the United States and its territories and are increasingly in use by elements of the US State and Defense Departments.