More motorists coming forward after fuel contamination at Auckland station

Published Aug 20, 2022

WorkSafe has confirmed it is following up an incident at an Auckland service station where a still unknown number of cars were filled with contaminated fuel.

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Fuel contamination issues plague Brisbane

Published Aug 20, 2022

A service station operator says it is investigating claims of contaminated fuel from a site in Brisbane's east as more customers come forward with tales of broken-down vehicles and costly repair bills.

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Published Aug 13, 2022

It is hard to believe that anything can live and multiply in an aircraft’s fuel tank. But it is a common issue when water is present, and that water is not dealt with.

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Microbial Contamination of Jet Fuel

Published Aug 09, 2022

Many different types of microorganisms are able to proliferate in jet fuel. In excess amount, microbial contamination can cause many problems for aircraft.

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Contaminated fuel: MPA suspends bunker supplier’s license for 2 months

Published Aug 05, 2022

Forensic fingerprinting analysis of the fuel samples taken from the tanker showed a match with samples taken from several affected ships that had received HSFO from both Glencore and PetroChina.

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If Diesel Exhaust Fluid Was Added To The Fuel System

Published Aug 03, 2022

In addition to accidentally refilling the fuel tank with gasoline instead of diesel, some motorists may mistakenly put the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the fuel tank, which can affect the performance of the fuel pump module, or lead to more serious problems.

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How to limit your exposure to fuel contamination

Published Jul 26, 2022

Fuel contamination remains a huge financial and operational risk for shipowners and operators, as the Singapore incident from earlier this year shows. In April, around 200 vessels visiting the port experienced technical issues such as blackouts and problems with or damage to the fuel pump or engine, forcing some to debunker.

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Hartford Gas Station Shuts Down Pumps After Drivers Fill Up With Water

Published Jul 22, 2022

It was trouble at the pump in Hartford after drivers realized they had filled their tanks with water.

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Early warning system can prevent widespread fuel contamination

Published Jul 20, 2022

The Singapore fuel contamination incident that hit around 200 vessels in April 2022 could have been avoided if there was an early warning system to detect issues with the source and quality of the fuel.

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Human kindness and racketeers’ wickedness intersect at fuel sheds

Published Jun 20, 2022

Beware of racketeers at fuel sheds, police warn. Recently at Bandaragama, two racketeers were arrested for selling 60 litres of diesel-mixed water for Rs. 24,000, claiming it was pure diesel.

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