Florida Man Says Foul-Smelling Fuel From Gas Station Damaged His Truck

Published Nov 19, 2022

A South Florida man wants his money back after accusing a gas station of providing bad fuel and damaging his truck. Daniel Colombo told WPLG he paid $180 to fuel up his Ford F-350 with diesel at the Shell gas station at 9489 Sheridan Street in Cooper City. The driver noticed something wasn't quite right after leaving there.

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How to keep data centres online

Published Nov 15, 2022

There is always some level of water present in the fuel as it enters the fuel supply chain through condensation, rainwater penetration, or adsorption from the air.

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ERB investigates fuel contamination in Chipata

Published Nov 12, 2022

THE Energy Regulation Board says it has instituted investigations to establish the circumstances which led to fuel being contaminated at two Mount Meru filling stations in Chipata,

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Signs and Symptoms of Water in Your Diesel Tanks

Published Oct 30, 2022

Water and diesel are a bad mix

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Signs and Symptoms of Water in Your Diesel Tanks

Published Oct 28, 2022

Diesel that’s contaminated with water won’t just affect your vehicle’s performance, it can do serious damage to your engine.

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Stop the Sale of Adulterated Diesel

Published Oct 25, 2022

This criminal act must be stopped immediately before more damage is done. The police have found an 80-ton tank containing diesel mixed with five tons of water at a gas station in Cilincing, but the police must not stop there. This long-rumored crime most likely occurred at other locations as well.

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The Importance of Properly Maintaining Aboveground Storage Tanks

Published Sep 27, 2022

Aboveground storage tanks, or ASTs, are specifically built for secure storage above ground level. This particular style of tank is highly versatile and adaptable and is very popular for on-site factory storage and industrial operations. To ensure optimal AST performance, it’s critical to implement a strict maintenance routine and conduct daily monitoring of the tank, its contents, and its surrounding environment.

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Iraq Fuel Oil Contamination

Published Sep 24, 2022

Iraqi state oil marketer Somo has sold multiple cargoes of contaminated fuel oil

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How to optimize jet maintenance costs

Published Sep 21, 2022

Microbial contamination of jet fuel is a serious issue for the aviation industry, including the private jet sector. Once it takes hold, safety becomes a real concern and urgent repairs or biocide treatment can mean extended downtime and high costs. As microbes multiply, potentially damaging biomass and corrosive acidic compounds can be generated.

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Conidia Raises Awareness of the Growing Danger of the Spread of Diesel Bug

Published Sep 20, 2022

The changing composition of diesel fuel through the use of bio-additives has increased the risk of diesel bug contamination with potentially catastrophic results.

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