Condia Touches on the Importance of Checking for Fuel Contamination

Published Aug 23, 2021

Condia reaches out to us to discuss the Importance of Checking for Fuel Contamination and what could happen if it isn’t checked routinely

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Tesco Sandhurst forecourt littered with stranded cars after contaminated fuel sees multiple breakdowns

Published Aug 18, 2021

Drivers were forced to abandon their vehicles while engineers examined the problem and reportedly drained tanks

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Driver warning after contaminated diesel found at Tesco petrol station

Published Aug 18, 2021

Some vehicles broke down before they even left the Tesco petrol station in Sandhurst, Berkshire on Sunday after many said they have accumulated more costs to get their tanks drained and to hire cars

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Investigation as drivers who used garage's fuel start breaking down

Published Aug 14, 2021

Dozens of drivers have reported engine failure after filling their tanks with fuel at an Applegreen petrol station in a Norwich village.

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9 boat engine checks for a trouble free season

Published Aug 03, 2021

Diesel boat engines need scrupulously clean fuel.

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Bad gas: Fuel mix-up at Langdon, Alta. gas station results in repair bills for drivers

Published Aug 02, 2021

CALGARY -- Dozens of drivers are expected to have been affected by an issue at a southern Alberta gas station, where diesel and regular gas was inadvertently added to the wrong storage tanks.

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There's potentially water in my car's fuel tank. What should I do?

Published Aug 01, 2021

I left the fuel cap off my petrol Kia. I didn't find this out for 3 weeks whilst on holiday. Rain probably got into the fuel tank. What should I do?

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Engine health check: 6 steps to make sure your diesel is in fine fettle

Published Jul 29, 2021

The three common things that will stop a diesel engine from running are lack of cooling, poor fuel and no air.

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The importance of diesel fuel bug contamination testing kits in industries Read more:

Published Jul 24, 2021

There is a form of contamination that can cause severe damage to a fuel tank or any form of diesel based appliance, and that is diesel bug.

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Is Your Fuel Bugged?

Published Jul 08, 2021

Diesel is an organic compound, and like a slice of bread, it can go mouldy, which can pose some serious safety risks, says David Armitage from Conidia Bioscience.

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