Is the Fuel Injection a Diesel Engine's Most Sensitive System?

Published May 08, 2019

It's all too common for operators to put contaminated fuel into their machines, which has the potential to destroy the fuel system.

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Tainted gas: What it can cost you

Published May 03, 2019

When a driver pulls into Jay Zembower's Auto Center and uses any of these phrases, it’s usually an indication that they have water in the fuel system.

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State shuts down gas pumps after contaminated fuel found

Published Apr 27, 2019

8News is taking action after a Midlothian-area gas station was found to be pumping out contaminated gas to its customers.

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Chesterfield gas station investigated for possible contaminated gas

Published Apr 25, 2019

Filling up at the pump will probably cost some people more than the $3 a gallon after reports of bad gas. One woman was told a third of the gas she purchased was water.

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Man wails after he bought petrol in Lagos but saw water in his car tank l

Published Apr 15, 2019

Cases of people being deceived into buying fake products without them founding out until much later is not strange in Nigeria. But it somewhat mind-blowing when the product in question is petrol from a fuel station

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Bad gas in Pasco: Station allegedly mixed diesel with other grades

Published Apr 03, 2019

HUDSON, Fla. (WFLA) - William Traub says he remembers the exact moment the damage was done. He tells 8 On Your Side it happened Saturday after he stopped to get gas at his favorite spot, a Shell station at the corner of State Road 52 and Chicago Avenue in Hudson. He explained that after he filled up his 2016 Mustang, the car quickly shut down as he headed home.

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Drivers complain of bad gas received at pumps in Trinidad

Published Apr 02, 2019

THERE is something fishy going on at gas stations across the country. Motor vehicles owners are complaining that the fuel imported and received at the pumps is of a substandard quality

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Station blamed for pumping water-tainted fuel into six vehicles

Published Mar 30, 2019

SIBU: Two cars and four motorcycles are said to have their fuel tanks filled with fuel tainted with water at a gas station here yesterday.

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Las Vegas gas station inspected after water discovered in car's gas tank

Published Mar 25, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A Las Vegas woman says a recent fill up at her local gas station ended up with a trip to the mechanic and a hefty repair bill after water was discovered in her gasoline.

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Driver says 'bad' fuel at Sugar Land gas station ruined his Porsche

Published Mar 15, 2019

SUGAR LAND, Texas — One man says he pumped “bad” fuel at a Sugar Land Shell station and now his car may be totaled.

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