Bhat Filling Station allegedly mixed water in fuel

Published Jul 03, 2021

A petrol pump in central Kashmir’s Chadoora area of Budgam has been found selling adulterated petrol and diesel.

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Microbial Contamination Detection Solutions

Published Jun 23, 2021

Microbial contamination, commonly known as ‘Jet fuel fungus’, is a dangerous issue for all jet-fuel users,

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Premium Diesel Improves Power

Published Jun 16, 2021

it's important to consider the condition of fuel in your storage tanks. Keep the tanks clean and free of water. The tanks should be inspected two times, annually.

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Here's What To Do After Putting The Wrong Fuel In Your Car BY MICHAEL BUTLER / 4.9 (55)

Published May 26, 2021

There are ways of fixing this issue. In this post, we'll be discussing issues such as placing diesel in a gas tank, ethanol in a gas tank, and how to fix things when there's water in your gas tank.

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Numerous Ventures Expected to Rise in the Global Marine Fuel Filter Market 2021-2025

Published May 17, 2021

Marine Fuel Filters are considered to be an essential component for an engine. Marine fuel filters avoid fuel contamination, in the form of water, which may find its way into the fuel injection system.

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Watered-down diesel can't be used in a gas-powered vehicle

Published May 16, 2021

The claim: You can put watered-down diesel in a gas vehicle tan

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Drivers break down 'due to water in fuel' after filling up at Morrisons in Leicester

Published May 13, 2021

Drivers have been breaking down just yards after filling up with petrol at the Morrisons store in Leicester due to water in the fuel, it has been claimed

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Rising Demand for Diesel Engine Powered Vehicles To Boost the Sales of Diesel Fuel Water Separator Market in the Forecast Period, 2018 - 2028

Published May 12, 2021

There is growing demand for diesel fuel water separators as engine efficiency and emission norms keep getting stricter from time to time.

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Titan Airways A321 engine failure caused by fuel contamination

Published May 06, 2021

To treat microbial contamination, the maintenance providers used biocide

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Airbus' engine malfunction

Published May 06, 2021

Airbus' engine malfunction after takeoff from London Gatwick Airport 'could have had a catastrophic outcome', says chief

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