Clogged diesel filter: How to avoid running out of fuel on your boat?

Published Jun 21, 2023

Clogged fuel filters are a widespread problem. The cause is a tank that contains bacteria or has accumulated various deposits.

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Mahindra XUV700 Petrol filled with Diesel on delivery day – Owner wants replacement

Published May 27, 2023

Filling diesel cars with petrol does relatively less damage on that engine when compared to filling petrol cars with diesel

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Fuel Contamination Issue Examined

Published May 17, 2023

Solomon Airlines is working with regional fuel suppliers to continue examining the cause of fuel contamination which grounded the airline’s single Airbus A320 international aircraft last month.

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Customers 'stunned' and angry after petrol pump contaminated for more than a day

Published May 13, 2023

“Stunned” customers are left with hundreds of dollars of car repairs to fix after a Canterbury service station mixed up 95 petroleum with diesel for more than a day.

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Fuel Contamination Caused Washington State Ferry Grounding

Published May 06, 2023

Initially, the incident was being blamed on a generator failure on the 50-year-old ferry but they have now determined that contaminated fuel caused the power failure on April 15.

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Water found in fuel tanks at Oklahoma gas station, officials say

Published Apr 23, 2023

Several drivers say they are facing thousands of dollars in repairs after filling up at the Elgin station where the issues occurred. Pumps remain locked.

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Kalgoorlie-Boulder Ampol fuel station forced to close pumps after water contamination

Published Apr 23, 2023

Ampol is continuing to remedy water contamination to one of its fuel tanks which affected customers, with the Boulder Road site still unable to provide unleaded petrol on Friday.

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‘Extremely cloudy’: Elgin gas station found in violation of having water in two fuel tanks

Published Apr 21, 2023

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission found Chisholm Corner #19 on Highway 277 in violation of having water in two fuel tanks

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Morrisons denies selling contaminated fuel

Published Feb 18, 2023

A number of customers say they have had to fork out to have their tanks drained

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Auckland motorists' cars break down after filling up fuel 'with water' at Caltex station

Published Jan 13, 2023

Multiple motorists are claiming their cars broke down after filling up with petrol they say had water in it at a Caltex station in Auckland.

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