Oil additive could have shut down West Closure Complex generators, official says

Published Aug 13, 2014

Two of the four generators at the Belle Chasse complex stopped working during the test. Engineers initially suspected "algae'' in the fuel caused the injectors to stick.

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Forecourts run dry after an incident at fuel depot

Published Aug 12, 2014

A NUMBER of forecourts in Plymouth ran out of unleaded petrol at the weekend after a reported slip-up at a Plymouth fuel depot

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P&I Club Warns on Increase in Low Quality Bunker Claims

Published Aug 07, 2014

Blending of poor quality oil products to try to meet demand for cheaper bunkers has led to an uptick in claim notifications relating to the supply and consumption of poor quality fuel.

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New advanced diesel engine insurance

Published Aug 04, 2014

The quality of today's diesel fuel has not advanced it in fact has deteriorated. Today's diesel fuel contains more water than the fuel of just a few years ago.

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Co-defendent in bio-fuel scam pleads guilty

Published Aug 02, 2014

A Ridgewood businesswoman has pleaded guilty to a charge that she took part in a $100 million biofuel fraud as a top executive of two Bergen County alternative-energy companies that authorities say carried out the scam.

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Fuel Stability Problems Challenge FAME Biodiesel

Published Aug 01, 2014

Fuel stability woes challenge the increase of FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) biodiesel beyond the current B5, or 5% blend. Mercedes-Benz and some other original engine manufacturers (OEM’s) will not warranty their engines when blends of B6 or higher are used.

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Report helps guide major fuel buyers to sustainable biofuels

Published Jul 31, 2014

Amid increasing interest in alternative transportation fuels, a new report shows how federal agencies and other large commercial customers can buy sustainably produced biofuels and avoid those linked to major deforestation, destroyed wildlife habitat and fouled waterways.

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Mercedes Confirms Warranty Void If Fuel Quality Determined Cause Of Gray Import Issues

Published Jul 24, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has just released an official order to all their dealers and service centers to stop warranty coverage for those vehicles that is sent in for failures due to fuel quality.

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Kum & Go takes 'full responsibility' for bad gas issue

Published Jul 23, 2014

Kum & Go said in a statement that the chain "recently became aware of equipment issues affecting two fuel tanks at our store on North National and Chestnut in Springfield."

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Methes Energies to Launch New Pre-Treatment Process via a Webinar Hosted by Biodiesel Magazine

Published Jul 23, 2014

In almost all cases, biodiesel feedstock oils must be pre-treated before the oils can be converted into quality biodiesel.

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