5 Common Problems That Diesel Engine Owners Face Read More:

Published Sep 11, 2023

Contaminated fuel Diesel's main advantage over gasoline also contributes heavily to one of its primary drawbacks. The added density makes diesel fuel more susceptible to contamination from elements such as glycol, soot, or moisture. Read More:

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CAPE CORAL | State reports hundreds of impacted drivers from fuel contamination

Published Sep 10, 2023

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Panic at the gas pumps between August 26-27, 2023 had some drivers in Southwest Florida still dealing with engine issues nearly two weeks later.

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Published Sep 08, 2023

Cross-Solent operator Red Funnel has cancelled a total of 24 sailings across today (Tuesday) and tomorrow due to fuel contamination.

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SA's dodgy diesel is mixed with paraffin - and getting harder to detect

Published Sep 05, 2023

Labs are seeing a huge increase in testing for contaminated fuel

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Gas contamination during Hurricane Idalia sparks 'mass casualty' conspiracy theory

Published Sep 03, 2023

Gasoline contamination at service stations in the US state of Florida before Hurricane Idalia inspired conspiracy theories that the August 2023 incident was planned to create a "mass casualty event."

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Florida Officials Warn of Fuel Contamination as Idalia Approaches

Published Aug 30, 2023

The contamination, which officials said resulted from the accidental mixing of diesel and gasoline, comes as Gulf Coast residents face potential evacuation orders.

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What Are the Common Contaminants Found in Marine Fuel?

Published Aug 25, 2023

Using contaminated or off-specification fuels can adversely affect the environmental and operational performance and safety of marine vessels, increasing the risk of costly downtime.

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Diesel Contamination

Published Aug 02, 2023

Water is a serious problem for combustion engine vehicles particularly diesels which can suffer near irreparable engine damage from contaminated fuel. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem often ignored.

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Common Issues That Diesel Engines Are Prone To

Published Jul 26, 2023

Fuel Contamination This is another common issue that diesel engines are prone to. Fuel contamination can affect mileage, cause engine damage, and make it difficult to start the engine in colder weather. Additionally, you might experience stalling issues when driving at low speeds or when idling.

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Reps To Probe Max Air Contaminated Fuel Incident

Published Jul 22, 2023

The House of Representatives is set to investigate the incident of contaminated fuel observed in a Max Air plane.

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