Why truck engine health is critical to our economy

Published Dec 05, 2023

Commercial vehicles are designed to meet demanding emission regulations whilst minimising both fuel use and maintenance requirements for their designed life of several years. This, however, assumes that the vehicle is serviced correctly and that lubricants meeting or exceeding the manufacturer’s requirements are utilised.

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Diesel bug is the boat owner’s enemy

Published Nov 22, 2023

This microscopic collection of yeasts, molds and bacteria absorbed from the air lives for 24 hours and doubles in numbers every 20 minutes. It’s the dead organisms that build up to make that sludge.

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Geeky News Discusses How to Combat Microbial Contamination in Aviation Fuel

Published Nov 17, 2023

This article sheds light on a pressing issue in the aviation industry–microbial contamination in jet fuel. The insightful piece titled “Understanding and Preventing Microbial Contamination in Jet Fuel.” It delves into the causes, consequences, and preventative measures of this often-overlooked problem.

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Citgo has paid nearly $900,000 for claims of contaminated gas during Idalia evacuation

Published Oct 30, 2023

Thanks to accidental fuel contamination, nearly 30 gas stations from Tampa to south of Naples — and even one across the state in Daytona Beach

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Anger over contaminated fuel

Published Oct 28, 2023

ANGRY car owners out of pocket thousands of dollars are demanding compensation after their engines were damaged by contaminated diesel fuel at a Hastings service station.

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Diesel Fuel Contamination

Published Oct 28, 2023

Many shop environments are laden with contaminants, including dust and soot.

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Fuel Service Station Fined US$300 Over Contaminated Diesel

Published Oct 24, 2023

A Bulawayo fuel service station, Meizon Petroleum, was on Thursday arraigned before Magistrate Nomagugu Maphosa for selling contaminated diesel.

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Bacteria and fungus in fuel caused ferry Walla Walla to run aground

Published Sep 29, 2023

The April grounding of the ferry Walla Walla on Bainbridge Island was the result of bacterial and fungal growth in the ship’s diesel storage tanks, according to a report from Washington State Ferries.

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Aviation Fuel Contamination Read more:

Published Sep 25, 2023

The aviation authority added that a recent aviation fuel contamination involving Max Air necessitated an inquiry and fuel audit across airports

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5 Common Problems That Diesel Engine Owners Face Read More:

Published Sep 11, 2023

Contaminated fuel Diesel's main advantage over gasoline also contributes heavily to one of its primary drawbacks. The added density makes diesel fuel more susceptible to contamination from elements such as glycol, soot, or moisture. Read More:

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