Published Mar 15, 2019

Managers didn’t have a clear explanation for what happened, so Sonmez turned to the mechanics at ABZ Motors for help.

Dylan Adams is a service director at the shop and said what they siphoned out of the SUV was far from just diesel fuel. 

“Shell is claiming that their tanks were not mixed up, it was a foreign particulate of some sort at the bottom of their tank which has caused this whole problem,” Adams said.

Shell’s partner companies requested Adams drop the subframe and siphon the gas, which they believed would fix the problem. They agreed to pay for the first invoice of $7,500, but that only helped to track down the cause of the problem.

Adams said the tiny particulates may have pushed their way into the engine, scratching vital parts required for the SUV to function.

The SUV refuses to start and at this rate, further repairs will be more than $20,000, which Sonmez said he can’t afford.

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