Published Jan 20, 2017

Matt Bellehumeur lives just blocks from the gas station, and drove home after the fill-up of his Audi-4 station wagon.  But Bellehumeur says the next morning, there were problems with it.  "I tried several times to get it to turn over, but it wouldn't start."

Mechanics told these two customers, and others, gas contaminated with water had fouled the workings of their vehicles.

"And after having made that large investment recently, it was crushing, worrying about what it had done,"  Davidson says.

Gas station owner Kuldip Singh Mavi of MKS Petroleum LLC tells 27 News he acted quickly when he became aware of the problem, and shut down the pumps for the affected mid-grade and premium gasoline.  He says just less than two hundred gallons of tainted gas were sold.

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