Published Nov 05, 2016

Yowrie resident Bruce Dogan suffered a case of fuel contamination from the service station on November 18 last year after filling up with 35 litres of diesel.

While he was covered by insurance, the incident left the pensioner almost $2000 out of pocket and his car written off.

"I would often fill up [at the Michelago United] as it was the closest service station. After I filled up, by the time I got to Cooma, it was very hard to start," he said.

"The mechanic couldn't work out what was wrong with the car and it was taken to Canberra to get looked at it and they found there was water in the fuel tank."

When Mr Dogan rang the service station about the incident, he was told it was the third instance of fuel contamination on the same day.

He now has to drive 40 kilometres to fill up at the next nearest service station.

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