Published Jan 07, 2016

Debbie Coleman filled up her brand new Dodge Ram truck at the MAPCO in Lebanon Tuesday morning. She said right away it started having issues.

“I’d press the ignition button and it wouldn’t turn over,” she told News 2. “It was also popping so bad it almost felt like someone had a hammer and was up underneath the car all the way to the tail end, and it was popping underneath the hood and backfiring.”

Right now, she is facing a $500 mechanic bill.

State inspectors also took samples at MAPCO’s terminal in Nashville. That’s where they get the gas that is transported to stations across the region.

Coleman anticipates lab results are expected to be complete late Wednesday morning.

Gould also told News 2, after a complaint was filed late last month, an inspector discovered several inches of water in the tank at a Mapco Station in Chattanooga.

It was not immediately known if that’s the same issue the stations in Clarksville, Lebanon and Nashville are experiencing.

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