24 May

WSS highlights fuel quality issues

By john.wallace

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has launched a 'Fuel Oil Quality initiative' to highlight problems with heavy fuel oil (HFO) and some of the more unexpected problems associated with increased use of marine distillates, and possible solutions

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20 May

Generators at $1 billion West Closure Complex pass test after March failure

By steve.wallace

Two generators that failed during a March 28 inspection at the world's largest drainage pump station passed tests this week to determine whether problems that caused the shutdown had been corrected. Contaminated diesel fuel and loosened bolts and compression plugs are suspected in the equipment failure at the $1 billion West Closure Complex.

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20 May

Fuel problems continue to plague boaters

By steve.wallace

Here we are, a number of years after ethanol was first introduced into our gas and diesel fuels and it began to cause one problem after another, not just in the automotive industry, but also in every engine that uses fuel including boat motors.

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