14 Jul

( XTRM ) Extreme Biodiesel Inc. Corporate Update

By john.wallace

Extreme Biodiesel is an alternative fuel and recycling company with several wholly owned subsidiaries such as XTRM Cannabis Ventures, and Extreme Biodegradable Products that work together to compliment Extreme Biodiesel.

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11 Jul

Chevron investigates bad premium gas at area pumps

By john.wallace

Chevron Corp. continues to investigate how a bad batch of gasoline ended up in Houston-area pumps, sparking consumer complaints and prompting the company to suspend sales of premium and midgrade gasoline at the 500 local Chevron and Texaco stations.

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08 Jul

The fuel quality and tank design disconnect

By john.wallace

Whether buried underground, positioned above ground, or exposed in a basement, fuel-storage tanks have kept millions of cars and trucks, as well as businesses, industry, aircraft, homes, and the like adequately supplied with gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, and home heating oil for as long as distillate fuels have needed some form of bulk storage.

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