10 Feb

Safe to use gas once again

By john.wallace

MOTORISTS are being assured that fuel bought at service stations across the nation can be used in their vehicles after reports circulated early yesterday of contaminated fuel at several gas stations

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08 Feb

Fuel safe: Contaminated supply removed

By john.wallace

PRESIDENT of the Petroleum Dealers Association Robin Naraynsingh is calling on the Ministry of Energy to be proactive in advising the public when incidents of fuel contamination occur.

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06 Jan

How did a tank of gas cost one woman $500?

By john.wallace

Erin Jenkinson was on her way to school in mid-November when she said she filled up at the Marathon gas station at 3915 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Fort Myers. After filling up, Jenkinson said her car immediately stopped working properly.

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